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helping mend hearts broken by the loss of a baby through miscarriage, still birth, or infant death... with doula services, prenatal yoga, and child birth classes geared toward the orphaned parent

Where to find child birth classes

Women during pregnancy experience several physical and emotional changes. This is quite normal especially during the last trimester. Prenatal yoga helps future mothers to know and accept such adjustments. It also helps to avoid the stress of the childbirth and promotes an inner wellbeing.

Although the ideal would be to have previously practiced yoga in order to know how it works, it is never too late to start. The mother-to-be will immediately note its benefits in a stage as complex and rewarding as pregnancy.

Preparing the arrival of the new baby

Many mothers decide to take yoga classes during pregnancy since it is an integral practice that promotes physical and emotional wellbeing. The expectant woman needs to prepare her body in order to provide the baby the most optimal conditions until the moment of birth. It is recommendable to start with moderate postures which are often used by beginners.

The second trimester is ideal to begin the exercises if the mother-to-be is not used to yoga. This is because by then, the baby will have acquired a more advanced development.

Enjoying the pregnancy with tranquility and wellbeing

Before practicing prenatal yoga, the pregnant woman should consult her gynecologist for an opinion. The physician will tell her if these exercises are suitable for her specific case. As a general rule, this kind of discipline is not contraindicated, although it is recommended to perform only the postures that are suitable for gravidity.

For that reason, it is recommended to attend to child birth classes taught by specialists at a recognized institution. The mother-to-be can practice yoga without leaving the comfort of her home with the assistance of books and videos.

However, a qualified teacher will guide her according to her particular needs. In addition, she will feel emotionally supported and much more motivated by being surrounded by other women who are going through the same experience.