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helping mend hearts broken by the loss of a baby through miscarriage, still birth, or infant death... with doula services, prenatal yoga, and child birth classes geared toward the orphaned parent

Mending Heart Bellies Services

Are you experiencing a still birth or miscarriage? Have you been told that your child will not live long after birth?
Utilizing my own miscarriage and loss experience, I can assist you as you miscarry or deliver your stillborn or severely premature child. In addition to helping you through your labor and spending time with your baby if possible, I can take pictures or video of your family with your baby, provide post-labor one-to-one communication to help you with your grief, and assist you in acclimating to life post-pregnancy and loss.

Are you pregnant after infertility or loss? Are you anticipating a NICU stay with your child? Are you looking for a doula that services the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys?
Utilitzing my own background with infertility, loss, and life as a NICU parent, I will work with you to acheive a birth experience that you can treasure and feel whole with, regardless of the outcome.

In February 2011, I began training as a birth doula and child birth educator with Birth Arts International. I have completed the book training aspect of my doula certification and CBE certifications, and am presently in the stage of attending the required number of births required to fully certify. I am also affiliated as a doula with The Amethyst Network, a group of doulas and lay doulas who support families during and after miscarriage. In addition to CBE and doula services, I offer a variety of yoga services and training seminars.

Why Is Childbirth Education Important?
We go to school for everything and place an important value on our degrees and certificates and yet, most people never give a second thought to preparing for one of the most important things you will ever do. Childbirth Education Classes are an important part of the necessary preparation for childbirth and are required by many birthing centers and midwives. Most hospitals even offer some sort of birthing class to prepare you for your big day. While research shows that natural, unmedicated births are best for both mother and baby, not all births are ideal and sometimes different interventions are required. A good childbirth education program will give you the basis for a wonderful birth experience while also covering the information you need in case your birth differs from what you hope for. Why should you take childbirth classes? Click here, here, here, and here for different commentaries on the benefits of preparing for birth.